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  • Blue Hills Home Solutions was so extremely easy to work with when we were building our new home. Denise and Francisco are a dynamic team. Denise worked closely with our builder and his team to do walk-throughs during the project to make everything was done to our specifications. She even made sure to turn space that would have been lost to extra storage that we desperately needed. Francisco worked closely with not only my wife, but my kids as well to make sure each space met all their needs, and expressed their personality. Each item that went into our home was thoughtfully chosen and integrated with old pieces that were given new lives. When we go to redecorate our summer home, we will definitely be using Francisco and Denise again!

    Robert M.

  • I'm a busy person when it comes to my life. Between traveling for work every other week, getting things done in between, and trying to manage my home is challenging enough; then I found Blue Hills. They are simply amazing! I don't know how I would have been able to survive without them! Francisco's girls go beyond what is necessary for what needs to get done. I feel like every time I come home from work, or a trip, it's like arriving to my personal 5 star hotel. Everything is clean, smells fresh, and I don't have to worry about lifting a finger. They truly take their jobs to heart. Their handwritten notes welcoming me home and professionalism are the little things that are going to make me keep them around for life!

    Jess M.

  • I searched for a good cleaning company after my previous company closed it's doors. I was glad because they had a long list of things they would not do. Then I found [Francisco] Blue Hills Home Solutions online. They are friendly, kind, and considerate. I couldn't stop telling my friends how good they were. They would throw in a load of laundry, change bedding, they even clean my coffee maker! I love them. I love coming home to a clean house every time they come. BHHS was there for me when I called to clean 2 rental units from top to bottom for new tenants. They were on time and thorough. I will call them for every tenant turnover from now on! I don't know what I would do without them!

    Karen O.

  • Francisco is like an angel. Not only do they do a wonderful job cleaning and organizing, but more importantly, they're so kind and flexible. Francisco came to give us a (very reasonable) quote and he was by far the most professional, organized and trustworthy of the three people we had come. We got a puppy and he has been wonderful to the dog... and even leaves notes recommending upholstery cleaners and left us a bottle of dog pee cleaner for the ruined rugs! Plus, Francisco is so responsive- he always answers the phone, texts and/or emails for my insane requests... and he even calls if they're running late. Amazing. Amazing. Amazing.

    Elle P.

  • Blue Hills Home Solutions goes above and beyond always! They are not your typical robotic cleaning team, they pay attention to homeowners' needs and know how to maintain a cleaning schedule for certain areas or projects that are not required to be done every week. They also do exceptional closet planning and organization! The build-out and organization of my closet has been so wonderful and has made it so much easier for me to keep my clothes in order. I wish I had more projects for them to tackle at the moment, but I know through friends they have provided packing, unpacking, and cleaning services at their new home and were just as pleased with those types of services. Extremely professional!

    Pamela R.

  • After my dad passed away, my sister and I were lost at where to start in getting his estate in order. One of our friends told us, "Call Francisco, he'll know what to do!" It was the best decision ever. Francisco and his team organized the entire house not only for a full scale estate sale, but also staged and cleaned it for it to go on the market after! Items of value were appraised and sent to auction where we got more than what we expected. The rest was sold at the most organized estate sale we've seen and donated to wonderful charities. What would have been added stress to my sister Stacey and I never happened because of Blue Hills Home Solutions. Francisco is truly a pleasure to have as a back pocket reference if we ever need him again!

    Lauren & Stacey

  • I have a home-based business and had a difficult time merging my work and home office working efficiently. Denise at Blue Hills was amazing. She set up everything from my filing system for both my business and personal life. She created a space that was calm and organized. I now work in a space free of stress and am able to find everything easy and keep everything simple and efficient.

    Nancy T.

  • Customer Feedback

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