• Lifestyle Management

  • Unlike most errand or concierge companies, our lifestyle management service doesn’t just help you get errands done – we help you create a better overall work/life balance. Busy families and individuals who are looking to save time and money utilize Blue Hills Home Solutions and our “lifestyle leaders.” We operate as an extension of an individual or family to take care of those projects, tasks and to-do lists that you need done by competent person you can trust.

    Blue Hills Home Solutions has partnered with Denise Barsness, our Lifestyle Ambassador. With over 20 years of experience in this field and compassion for her clients, Denise oversees all the lifestyle leaders and their projects. She is a well-known professional organizer and personal assistant for working families of all shapes and sizes. Her attention to detail, dedication and empathy to her client’s needs has made her irreplaceable. 

    Denise’s expertise in facilitating lives for families and busy individuals has made her invaluable to our clients and their families to assist their busy lives. From planning birthday parties, organizing large scale moves, to managing large families and their personal lives, there isn’t anything that she hasn’t been able to achieve.

    Our lifestyle services include, but are not limited to:

    Travel Assistance

    To ensure your trip runs as smoothly as possible, our ambassadors will oversee the entire planning process, from choosing a destination all the way to helping you decide what to pack (ask about our packing services!) We will deliver a personalized trip itinerary, taking care of any travel requirements and needs, all within your specified budget.

    Travel Assistance May Include:

    • Booking family reunions
    • Business travel arrangements
    • Research Setting up college tours
    • Weekend getaways

    Home Project Management

    Having someone to rely on for weekly updates on projects you may have happening around the house will save you time and the occasional frustration of missed information. Our ambassadors will set up weekly progress communications to ensure you know exactly what is happening and nothing falls through the cracks. We’ll help you handle any problems that need to be taken care of through the right channel.

    Home Projects May Include:

    • New home setup
    • Managing contractors
    • Overseeing household
    • Managing personal files, mail and daily duties
    • Domestic staffing management

    Event Planning

    Imagine planning an event without having to lift a finger — Blue Hills Home Solutions will take care of everything for you to plan the perfect event stress-free and without skimping on the details. Our ambassadors will present you with options for your event, but we take it from there. Everything — from sending out invitations, to planning the menu, to ensuring that your guests enjoy every minute — is our top priority.

    Event Planning May Include:

    • Venue Research
    • Bereavement Assistance
    • Event Decorating
    • Menu Planning & Catering
    • Managing kid’s Parties
    • Small Corporate Events

    Senior Enrichment

    Our compassionate ambassadors are here to help seniors achieve fulfilling lives and take our time to find the services in which they may need assistance with. Our goal is to make seniors feel empowered to make their own decisions with the trust and guidance we provide. Additionally, we strive to give family members and caretakers some peace of mind and the same level of support to help their aging family member.

    • Personal/Admininistrative assistant
    • Research
    • Domestic Staffing
    • Managing family personal files
    • Budgeting & Bill Pay
    • Moving & Downsizing
    • Personal Shopping

    Personal Services

    It seems like there are just never enough hours in the day to get everything done and have time leftover for ourselves. Our ambassadors are the extra set of hands that you need to get everything done — and then some. Those pesky “to-do” lists are what we love. Take the opportunity to benefit from our ambassadors who can complete these time-consuming tasks! We are available to help you on an as-needed basis or let us take care of these things forever!

    Personal Services may Include:

    • Gift Shopping & Returns
    • Special Occasion Shopping
    • Gift Wrapping for all Occasions
    • Wardrobe Management
    • Grocery Shopping
    • Pick-up and Drop-off Services
    • Personal Shopping

    Specialized Services

    There are some projects that just don’t fit into our other categories. That’s okay! Our lifestyle ambassadors are here to specialize in whatever project you need. We will conduct the necessary in-depth research, examine reviews and find the best-of-the-best to ensure you have the most reliable and current information.

    Specialized Services May Include:

    • Pet services
    • After school activities
    • Health insurance research
    • Managing family personal files
    • Budgeting & bill pay

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