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  • I can't thank Denise and Francisco enough for helping me organize my chaotic home. After downsizing to a smaller home, my husband and I didn't know where to start with the extra "stuff" we had accumulate over 50 years. Their method for organizing and sorting made it easy for me to simplify my life and get rid of the items we no longer needed, without having the guilt! They had creative solutions and organizations that I was happy to donate my things to which I knew were getting a second chance. I can easily say that I am happy to recommend Blue Hills to anyone who wants to get their life simplified.

    Catherine F.

  • Do you ever feel like your home keeps getting smaller and you’re being suffocated by “stuff”?

    Our lives are always changing and therefore need constant reorganization. Keeping an organized home can help bring everything that makes our lives chaotic a little less stressful, but the thought of decluttering can be daunting. Professional home and office organization can help you discover that there are more efficient ways to be organized.

    At Blue Hills Home Solutions, we offer professional home and office organization services. Whether you’re downsizing to a smaller home, improving under-utilized closet space or simply trying to get the chaos under control at home, we pride ourselves in helping our clients and their families to simplify and organize their lives. Our team of professional organizers will work with you to sort through your personal items and help you make those difficult decisions on what to keep and what to let go.

    A few of our areas of expertise:

    Home: Decluttering, paper and mail organization, closet design and installation, attic and basement organization, garage cleaning and organization

    Office: Paper and mail organization, filing solutions, and creative employee workplaces/workspaces

    What is organizing with a Blue Hills Home Solutions Professional Organizer?

    While organizing can seem overwhelming, it can be much easier than you think. Working with our professionals, we simplify the process to reclaim the areas you seek to organize from chaos. Our main goal is to minimize clutter and increase efficiency. We follow our strict standards to also create action plans for our clients long after we are done with the project to keep them organized.

    Our team will work in tandem with you at your own pace on any project. We will never simply throw anything away. Everything gets sorted in a relaxing and respectful environment that will make it easy to make decisions with your items. We’ll even help you find places to donate any items that are still in good condition. We remain fully committed to maintaining all client information, both business and personal, completely confidential. We also use organizing products that are the right for your home and your spaces.

    We begin with a free in-home consultation to assess the areas that you would like organized and create an plan with you to ensure the best results. And, we’ll never leave you hanging — we will teach you efficient systems and processes that will help you continue to stay organized long after we’ve left your home!

    Depending on the extent of your project, organizational projects can be completed in one visit or may require multiple visits.

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