• Real Estate Services

  • Buying and selling a home is stressful and exciting at the same time. You’re juggling your everyday life and now you have to pack up your home?! Let us help…

    Home Staging

    Did you know that a well staged home asks for a min 10% higher asking price?

    A well planned and executed staged home will make prospective buyers and real estate agents take notice of your home. With our moving specialist, we will help define spaces, eliminate clutter and make your home shine by the time your first open house comes!

    We always try to find the best solutions to make your home sell. We work with every kind of budget in every kind home. We work with the client and the real estate agent in making your home show in the most presentable way. Majority of the time, we utilize what our clients have to eliminate a budget. We offer everything from quick solutions to full scale staging. We want you’re home to sell and sell fast!

    Don’t Want to Take it All With You?

    That’s okay! We can help you organize a small yard sale or even a full scale estate sale! We take the time to go through everything in your home and work with our clients to make sure that they don’t take anything they need or want to their new location. Should we find anything of value, we will work with local agencies to find the best suitable way to get it appraised and sold!

    We’ll set up for the event, make sure everything is priced properly and execute a successful yard sale or estate sale for you. After the project is completed, we will make sure that all unsold items that are still in good condition will get picked up and donated to the appropriate locations and you receive a tax refund.

    Moving & Relocating?

    Our moving and relocation specialist is here to help!

    Let us take the stress out of your moving hassle and assist in making that moving transition as easy as possible. Whether you’re moving down the street or across the country to a new home we’re here to help ease the stress. Sounds impossible right? We have your best interest in mind with each and every aspect of your move. From packing to moving our process is simple and easy. Assisting you during the time of your move is our top priority. We have all the information you need to assure your move, to make sure it will run smoothly.

    When you plan to move, the biggest step in the process is packing and unpacking. We make a complete inventory packing each item in the right way, and making sure that it is easy to unpack and put in it’s new home. Our moving specialists have it down to a science to present minimum trouble to make sure your move goes well.

    Once you arrive in your new home, we’ll work with the movers to have everything in place for you. We’ll then unpack and organize everything into your home in it’s place so you don’t have to worry about anything.


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